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Unrestricted + Privacy + Safe ________ You can’t be safe without VPN. It’s a fact !

These days VPN companies grow like mushrooms after rain, making it difficult for a new user to distinguish between good ones and bad ones. Don't fall into the trap of VPN providers who oversell their network capacity. When it comes to privacy in Internet, there are lions and there are lambs. Unless you use a VPN service all your traffic flies through the cyber space naked and vulnerable. From your Internet supplier to public WiFi hackers, there is always someone after your data. We encrypt your Internet traffic with unbreakable 256 bits AES encryption, keeping privacy intruders at bay. Using a VPN service routes and encrypts your Internet traffic through our servers which will often enhance your surfing or streaming experience. In case of online gaming it may improve your ping. Enjoy our optimized speed, fast VPN servers and say bye-bye to buffering. Protect yourself at Public Wi-Fi hotspots, Surf Anonymously, Unblock Sites and Overcome Censorship with CentrioVPN today!


Dangers of NOT using VPN

  • Your IP address can be seen by the public
  • Your data can be analyzed by your ISP
  • Your data can be logged
  • Restricted Internet Access from ISP

Benefits of using VPN

  • Hide your IP Address
  • We encrypts your data securely
  • No logging
  • Gain unrestricted access to the internet


VPN Features ...

IP Cloaking (Hide Real IP) ● Encryption ● Firewall ● Identity Protection ● Unblock Websites ● 1Gbps Speed

  • Unlimited Data Usage
  • 2 Simultaneous Connections
  • OpenVPN + OpenDNS Powered
  • Firewall Included
  • Private vLAN
  • Unlimited Data Usage
  • 5 Simultaneous Connections
  • OpenVPN + OpenDNS Powered
  • Firewall Included
  • Private vLAN + Own rDNS Facilities for IP

Frequently Asked Question's Answer _ _ _ _

  Unlimited bandwidth (1Gbps Connectivity) given with Basic and Premier Plan.
  More dedicated bandwidth can be given to connect to particular Gaming Server through VPN Access.
  User can request to set his own Reserve DNS entries for the VPN IP in Premier Plan.
  OpenDNS resolver can be replaced by other DNS Providers IP (For example. Google DNS, Norton DNS, Comodo DNS etc.)
  CentrioVPN Servers are powered by OpenVPN. Supported by PC, Mac, DD-WRT supported Routers, Android etc.
  All given IPs on VPN are dedicated, not shared by any other user.
  All VPN service only applicable for private purpose. Sharing VPN details in public forum/sites not allowed.
  Abuse, Spamming, Phishing, Threatening, Anti-govt. activities are not allowed through VPN.
  • Non Stop Streaming

  • Protected Network

  • 24/7 Technical Support

  • Premium Bandwidth

We change your IP address to conceal your identity, activities and location from ISPs, websites and government surveillance. We encrypt data not once, but twice. It’s the tightest security in the industry. We never logs where you go on the Internet. If anyone asks, the best we can do is shrug our shoulders. And we like it that way. If your VPN connection drops out, our kill switch technology instantly shuts down any site or software you specify in advance. No worries about accidental exposure of sensitive data.

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