We make it easy !

At Centriohost, we have a team of folks who think about nothing but the customer experience and our user interfaces. Every month, we launch something to make it easier for you to use our services. And, we do loads of user testing and surveys to identify and address our customers' "pain points."

Server is Intel ® Branded

Centriohost offers hosting from all Intel and AMD branded server. Recently we established latest and fastest Intel ® Core i5/i7 Series processor based server. All our servers are powered by Raid10 H.D.D. with daily R1soft Backup facilities. We use 12GB primary ram on every of our servers so in one sentence you will get boost performance form us. We also have firewall and spam / DDOS protection on all of our servers to maximize the security and your trust.

We don't stop at web hosting

Of course, your Centriohost's updated CPANEL gives you access to tools for creating and enhancing your website; but you'll also get free submission on top search engines, search-engine optimization tools, PC backup, malware scanning, security applications and more.

You can do what you want

We build and select tools that give customers incredible flexibility and are robust enough for experts, while intuitive enough for beginners. Plus, we offer a choice of site builders, shopping carts, blogging tools, photo galleries and more.

Our team wants to help

When you contact us, you'll almost always be in touch with one of our agents in less than two minutes. You'll also be dealing with someone who has passed a variety of tests and meets our quality standards. Plus, you'll receive a survey that helps us assess whether or not you had a great experience.

Your website and email will be reliable

We serve websites off a pool of servers, which means that the first and fastest machine available will be the one to serve your website. Pools provide more redundancy, faster load times and fewer service interruptions.

We deliver quality @ an affordable price

This is one of the few times that "you get what you pay for" doesn't actually apply. Thanks to a lot of ingenuity on the part of our engineers, we're able to deliver extremely reliable service, a ton of tools, and a great user experience for less than most of our competitors.

Keep you updated

Centrio Host always use the latest technology and updated hosting features for customers. We use cPanel - World most used linux control panel, and we always update our server with latest APACHE, PHP and mySQL/pgSQL. We secure our server with DDOS Attack protection and also use cHulk.

Your website will be "green"

Centriohost is a wind-energy leader. We offset the carbon emissions of our data centers and offices by purchasing renewable energy credits, which are then used to generate wind energy. Our commitment prevents the release of 2,660 metric tons of carbon fuel each year and provides you with a green website.